About Us

What is "Join Friendly!?"

You have probably seen us somewhere across social media as "Join Friendly" and have asked yourself what is this? While Friendly is our company name, Joining friendly is the mission we seek to accomplish.

Friendly is a brand that is building a community of friends through different apparel, merch and gear. The goal is to create a friendly community for individuals to recognize when they see another "friend" wearing the same brand and realize they belong. No matter what the passion is, it needs more friends.

Whether you’re out volunteering, hitting the hiking trails, or just hanging out downtown, Friendly is a brand you will recognize. Between our Signature Hat and Classic Shirt you will always be able to spot another friend.

How do you Join Friendly? To join Friendly means to create a community of friends around whatever passion you choose! While we look to do that by creating a physical presence of awesome gear and apparel out in the world, you can do it every day by being just that, friendly.

What are you waiting for? Join today!

PS - Why the Golden Retriever? Golden Retrievers embody everything our brand stands for when it comes to creating a friendlier world. If everyone was a bit more like a Golden Retriever, the world would be a better place.